What We Do

We are committed to providing the best quality care, excellent service and professionalism to our clients and their customers. We provide solutions for vending and office coffee services in an economical and efficient manner. We use the latest hardware and software dispensing technologies which maintain product freshness as well as meeting the

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About Us

City Vending had been servicing the Toronto, GTA and surrounding areas since 1990. With a proven track record of providing excellent products and services and superior customer care, we continue to attract and retain a wide range of clients.

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Full Service Refreshment Provider

Gourmet Office coffee service

drip, single serve and espresso, bean to cup brewers, capsules
Vending: delicious snacks, refreshing beverages, fresh food, gourmet coffee.
Water Units: countertop, floor models, sparkling water
Mobile Payment enabled equipment

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Equipment Sales & Service

Vending: new and refurbished machines:

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State-of-the-art technology that makes workplace refreshment that much easier.

City Vending invests heavily in machine payment systems ensuring that the end user consumer can purchase products through a variety of payment forms. Our vending machines currently accept coin and bills and we are well on our way to providing credit and debit acceptance as City Vending is one of the few companies in Toronto and GTA whom are implementing cashless payment systems for vending machines.

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Toronto’s most sought-after healthy vending machines
Today snacking is about more than a quick bite, but one that satisfies and supports a healthier lifestyle. City Vending has an extensive line of better-for-you snacks, food, and drink options to fit this health-focused movement in workplace snacking.
Healthy vending machines full of today’s most popular nutritious snacks
Alternative items include low sugar, all natural, organic, high protein, etc.
Modern equipment to deliver a superior healthy vending machine experience
Support healthy habits for strong workers, students, and visitors to your location.

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What clients say?

I’ve worked with City Vending for about 4 years in that time City Vending was awarded the contract at my workplace, which they supplied us with various vending machines. Always reliable and prompt to correct any issues that arise.
City Vending created a planogram tailored to our employees.


We have vending machines from City Vending installed at a couple of our locations. We don’t have to worry about doing a thing to maintain them. City Vending comes in regularly to stock them up. Whenever there is a problem with a machine, we just call the number right on the machine. City Vending provides a prompt solution. It’s nice to have the machines for quick snacks, especially for those who work after hours.


City Vending services have been a welcome addition to the amenities we offer to our staff. As a busy firm of professional accountants, we work hard and sometimes long hours. Up-to-date equipment and fully stocked vending machines make it easier to for us to stay on track and focused on providing services to our clients. We can recommend the service of this City Vending without question.

Jerry P.Sloan & Partners