“I’ve worked with City Vending for the past 4 years, in that time City Vending was awarded the contact at my workplace, where they supply us with various vending machines. They are always reliable and prompt to correct any issues that arise. City Vending created a planogram tailored to our employees.”

"City Vending services have been a welcome addition to the amenities we offer to our staff at Sloan & Partners. As a busy firm or professional accountants, we work hard and sometimes long hours therefore having up-to-date equipment and fully stocked vending machines make it easier for us to stay on track and focused on providing services to our clients. We recommend the service of City Vending without question."
"We have vending machines from City Vending installed at a couple of our locations. We don't worry about doing a thing to maintain them. City Vending comes in regularly to stock them up. Whenever there is a problem with a machine, we just call the number right on the machine and City Vending provides a prompt solution. It's nice to have machines for quick snacks, especially for those who work after hours."